Why Community Acupuncture?

surreal painting of community acupuncture clinic

Because for thousands of years acupuncture has been practiced in groups.

You can probably tell that QiWorks isn’t a typical business. Our mission is to provide affordable healthcare to our community; we exist for a number of reasons that culminate in a desire to make our community a better and healthier place. This is thesixth in a series outlining the reasons why we do what we do.

The sixth reason we are so committed to providing community acupuncture is because for thousands of years acupuncture has been practiced in groups.

When acupuncture first became popular in the United States, it primarily followed the massage therapy model: one-on-one treatments in a private room, on a table.

But interestingly, the traditional way that acupuncture was practiced in Asia was in groups. We like being a part of that tradition, even though it is seen as something new in this country. We love the feel of theroom when it is full of people resting together, and we love how this model makes acupuncture more affordable for everyone. And while we are more connected than ever, thanks to technology, many of us continue to feel isolated and alone in dealing with our health issues. This model helps to break down that isolation and bring people from all walks of life together to work on healing in a group setting.

We are grateful that you are part of our affordable healing revolution. Thank you for spreading the word about community acupuncture!