Warmer Weather Might Mean Shorter Treatments

Screenshot 2015-05-01 at 12.22.45 PMYou may notice that your “acu-nap” is becoming shorter as we move into the summer and out of the winter. It’s not just you–this is a natural rhythm and something we commonly see in the clinic this time of year.
Chinese medical theory suggests that during the spring and summer months there is more Yang energy, which is warm, active, and lively. In contrast, during the colder months there is more Yin, which is cooling, quiet, and restful.
As the Yang gets going again in the spring and progresses into summer, you may find you need less sleep and have more energy. During the summer, the energy of the body begins to move outward towards the surface, much like the energy of plants:  plants begin moving energy up and out from their root systems so they can begin restoring the more active parts of themselves–the leaves, flowers, and fruits. Relatedly, our bodies may need less time with the needles during acupuncture treatments, partly because the body has more energy to work with and may respond more quickly to treatment. This can result in shorter “acu-naps” meaning you may feel “done” faster than you did several months ago.
Even though your treatment time might be shorter (and your schedule busier), tune-up acupuncture treatments are still very beneficial. During this time of year, Yang energy tends to be fast moving and can stir up emotions such as anger and frustration more easily than other times of the year, causing stress, anxiety, and irritability. Acupuncture will help keep things moving and free so that the body can remain balanced emotionally and physically.
Shorter treatments this time of year is a generalization–not an absolute–so if you are still taking some (or many) long acu-naps, please don’t feel like anything is wrong (we LOVE seeing people slumbered and yes, snoring in recliners!). We all have different requirements and circumstances to work with and as such, your body may need extra time for rest and relaxation, which is entirely healthy.
No matter how long you stay, we hope we see you in a comfy recliner sometime soon!