Michael Thomas, LMT

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Michael is sometimes referred to as a shaman, medicine man, traditional healer, as well as being a Licensed Massage Therapist. He has the unique ability to see energetic patterns and where they are manifesting in the body, soul, and psyche. Using techniques he was born with and has gathered over the years, his goal is to help you transform those patterns and create way for the new.

A session starts by opening a dialogue about what you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change or release, be it physical or mental, spiritual or emotional, or all of it. There’s really no separation. From there, each session is very different, but generally very powerful. Michael offers energy work sessions as well as injury massage (specific area focus). He prefers to work by scheduling 2 hours for energy work and 1 hour for injury massage. Michael and Allison also offer tandem Healing Sessions, meaning both working with you to move energetic blockages.

To schedule with Michael, please call him directly at (801) 574-6471 or email him at mrmichaelthomas@gmail.com. If you have worked with him before, you can schedule online by clicking on BOOK NOW.

You can contact either Allison or Michael directly to schedule a tandem session (sorry, the online scheduling can’t handle booking tandem sessions yet!).