Jennifer Agape, LMT

Jennifer Rose Agape graduated the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2009 and has actively been in practice for eight years. Taking an integrated approach, her credo is “Awaken, Reclaim,  Integrate.” That is, to become aware of imbalance within the entirety of the body, relating the seemingly unrelated,  reclaiming the innate right of health, and organizing that within our beautiful, complex systems. She’s relentlessly optimistic about our abilities to heal ourselves.  On the table, her approach infusesbtechnical skill and intuition, employing nurturing deep tissue,  cranial sacral therapy and Reiki with each session.

Jennifer’s other interests include crochet and sewing, the study and practice of Yoga, gardening, wild crafting and working with herbs to create medicinal teas and skin balms.

She’s a seeker, thinker,  feeler, and healer…and thrilled to join the QiWorks family. 

Bodywork With Jennifer Agape

60 minute area specific (not full body) massage ($50-$65 sliding scale)

Area specific, for example: neck pain. Areas worked: Neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, cranial release.

90 minute massage with Jen $75-$100 sliding scale

Full body or area specific. Nurturing deep tissue, cranial, myofascial release.


75 minute energy session: Reiki, Cranial-Sacral ($60-$75 sliding scale)

Usui Reiki (Allison Ottley is my teacher ) I have received 3rd degree attunement. Reiki uses sustained hand positioning on and off the body to help release restrictions and move energy.

Cranial-sacral is gentle work that addresses the cerebrospinal fluid and the cranial and sacral bones, using subtle compression and decompression at each area. Fascial unwinding at joints-directing energy to soften and allow the body to balance itself. A session would incorporate both. Very relaxing, helpful in healing Whole body: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic.

75 minute session includes time for opening + closing dialogue.
Clients remain clothed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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