Spring into … Anxiety?

Have you have been feeling more anxious and irritable lately? If so, you are not alone, and it’s totally natural this time of year.

Chinese medical theory views spring as a time when these feelings can begin to come to the surface. Spring is a powerful time of growth, where change begins to occur rapidly, and pent-up energy from the long winter months is waiting to burst forth. We can see this change happening all around us, and often, we can feel it within ourselves. If this energy becomes stuck or stagnant within the body, it begins to create imbalances, and anxiety is one way it can manifest.

If you have been feeling anxious, irritable, or moody lately, try adding more movement into your routine, including taking walks or runs and doing other forms of exercise, such as yoga or tai chi. This is also a great time of year to tackle a cluttered closet or garage. The more you use the extra energy in your system, the better you will feel. And, of course, acupuncture is always a wonderful tool for getting your system flowing and moving freely again, which will help you transition more comfortably into this time of year.