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Low-Cost Options

Medical Care 

Maliheh Clinic – Maliheh Free Clinic seeks to improve the quality of life in the Greater Salt Lake Area by providing free medical services for uninsured and low-income individuals and families to help reverse the cycle of poverty and suffering created by poor health.

4th Street Clinic – Fourth Street Clinic helps homeless Utahans improve their health and quality of life by providing high quality health care and support services.

County Health Services – A great list of many low cost health clinics around the valley.


Mental Health Services

Family Counseling Center – The Family Counseling Center provides affordable, professional, outpatient mental health services to individuals, couples and families.

Valley Behavioral Health – Valley Behavioral Health is a nonprofit network of clinics providing treatment for behavioral issues, addictions, psychiatric conditions, autism and other chronic health conditions. Programs are tailored to people of all ages and every social, cultural and economic situation.

Rape Recovery Center – Regarding counseling services, The Rape Recovery Center offers a $0-$70 sliding fee scale, depending on household income of the client. Free services are available when needed.


Free and Low Cost Legal Services

Tuesday Night Bar – Tuesday Night Bar is held every Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m.  There are no financial or age qualifications, and you can discuss any topic.  Appointments are required and can only be made from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on the Monday eight days in advance.

Utah Legal Services – Utah Legal Services (ULS) is a nonprofit law office incorporated in 1976 committed to making equal justice a reality by providing free legal help in non-criminal cases to low-income Utahns.

Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake – Legal Aid Society assists adults and children who are victims of domestic violence and offers full-scale legal representation for eligible clients, regardless of their income, in family law matters such as: protective orders and civil stalking injunctions, divorce, custody, visitation, and guardianship among other services.

Utah State Bar Public Services – An overview of the many available public service programs, information, and resources.




Allison Ottley, located at QiWorks

Michael Thomas, located at QiWorks


Tai Chi and Qigong

Scott White – Tai Chi Utah  (Affordable tai chi and qigong classes in various locations)


Physical Therapy

Nathan (Ned) Dowling, P.T., University of Utah Orthopaedic Center, 801-857-7005

Ines Schwemmer, P.T., Univerity of Utah Orthopaedic Center, 801-857-7005

Physical Therapists at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center, 801-857-7005

Physical Therapists at TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital), 801-314-4040



Cancer Wellness House – Free services offered to support people living with cancer and their families in a home-like setting. This is a really wonderful organization and we’re lucky to have it in our community.



Premier Wellness – Dr. Jared Anderson, Chiropractic Physician  Applied Kinesiology,Nutrition, Physical Rehabilitation  801-268-8090


Psychotherapy/Mental Health

Namaste Center For Healing – Namasté Center for Healing is dedicated to creating a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental recovery experience for teens, young adults, adults, and couples struggling with trauma, marital conflict, intimacy (disorder) spectrum, and other addictions and aversions.

Marianne Felt, CMHC, Mountain Lotus Counseling, 801-524-0650

Steve Seliger, LMFT,,  801-661-7697

Renee Podunovich, CMHC, 385-232-3671

Chris Adams Richards, LCSW, South Valley Therapy, 385-204-6709

Misty McIntyre Goodsell, LCSW, South Valley Therapy, 385-204-6572

Family Counseling Center, 801-261-3500



Utah Co-Op Market – Offering over 5,000 organic, natural, and local products. Everyone is welcome!

Wasatch Community Gardens

Utah Food Bank – Utah Food Bank staff, volunteers and agencies work together to gather and distribute emergency food to individuals and families experiencing the pain of hunger in Utah.

Resilient Body Nutrition – Nurse Kate

Pati Reiss, Holistic Nutrition and Recovery Specialist

Willing to Wander Wellness Co.  Sarah Betts, MSHN


Orthopedic Physicians

Paul Winterton, Utah Cartilage Repair Center, Southtowne Orthopaedics, 801-561-3101



About Acupuncture

Why Did You Put that Needle There? – Andy Wegman (PDF book): Click Here


Community Acupuncture

People’s Organization for Community Acupuncture

POCA Tech – An affordable acupuncture school for community acupuncturists

Find-A-Clinic Locator – Locate POCA clinics like ours around the country

Liberation Acupuncture – Theory regarding the practice of acupuncture today in America: Community Style!

Orem Community Acupuncture – Our friend Patrick has a community clinic in Orem!


Food and Health – Great short videos and articles on all things food and health. Highly recommended.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Nutrition in medicine, physicians for ethical research, and more!

Forks Over Knives – Great website with tons of resources for preparing, cooking, and eating Plant-Based, Whole-Foods.



Acupuncture and Community Acupuncture

Healing Together: Mini-Documentary on Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged (Find it on POCA’s home page)

9000 Needles



Fed Up

Forks Over Knives

Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead

Food, Inc.




Why Did You Put that Needle There? – Andy Wegman. Available for purchase on Amazon and a free PDF is available here.

The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine – Ted Kaptchuk

Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine – Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold


General Health

Staying Healthy With the Seasons – Elson M. Haas



In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan


Mental and Emotional Health Relating to Trauma

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – Karol K. Truman

Waking The Tiger – Peter Levine

The Trauma Spectrum – Dr. Robert Scaer

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD



Community Acupuncture: New clinics offer treatments on a sliding scale – Austen Diamond, City Weekly, Oct 13, 2010

Don’t Go to Acupuncture School  An honest look at what going through acupuncture school means and what reality awaits graduates. However, don’t forget about POCATech! An affordable alternative to traditional acupuncture school for those interested in becoming a community acupuncturist!