Qiworks Yoga!

Gentle Yoga Class on Sundays at Qiworks in Our New Classroom Space!  

Our Sunday morning yoga class at Qiworks has been a hit so far and we are looking forward to growing our class.  We have done some rearranging in our treatment space to allow for a designated classroom space. Come check out the new space in a healing Gentle Yoga Class this Sunday!
Yoga can be a powerful practice to help you find greater physical and mental balance, and with the affordable sliding scale prices you’ve come to love here, a regular yoga practice is within reach.  Pairing a regular yoga practice with your acupuncture treatments is a wonderful way to boost your health and feel great about caring for you!

Yoga is yet another way to increase your body’s innate healing abilities, helping you develop greater focus, calm, flexibility, strength, and improved cardiovascular and respiratory function. Our gentle morning yoga class, on Sundays from 10:15-11:30, is a perfect opportunity for newcomers and more experienced practitioners alike to experience getting their qi or prana moving in a safe, familiar environment for the low price of $5-15 a class.

You’ll see a familiar face teaching the class! Laura Berglund, one of our front desk staff is also a certified yoga instructor.  She is excited to be offering a Hatha yoga class, with emphasis on breath and alignment.

*Please bring your own mat if you have one (there will be a few loaners if you don’t).

**Arrive a few minutes early to get signed up for your first class.