Patient Pro Tips

We continually have new people discovering the clinic, which is a great thing–we love to have our community grow. As much as we try to orient everyone as to how things work, there are a few “pro tips” that our seasoned patients know:

  • Waiting list. If you look online and there are no appointments available during the day/time you would like to come in, call or email the front desk. We are happy to put you on the waiting list. Very often we are able to get people in this way.
  • Blankets as supports. Some of our patients use blankets as neck supports and lower back supports, as well as for warmth. Feel free to get creative!
  • Ear plugs and head phones. We have ear plugs available right when you walk into the treatment room–look on top of the blanket shelf. And if you would like to listen to your own music, you are always welcome to bring in your own earphones for your music-playing device.