Massage with Jess

Many of you know Jess as one of our friendly and helpful front desk people. She’s an amazing person and has been a huge part of QiWorks for many years.

The great news is that Jess recently completed her program at Healing Mountain Massage School and is starting her massage practice here at QiWorks! Jess will be offering several different types of massage. Here’s a brief summary:

15 Minute Qi-balancing Chair Massage ($10-$15 sliding scale)
This massage is designed to complement your acupuncture treatment either before or after your session. You will remain clothed. The techniques used will stimulate the flow of energy in your body, releasing discomforts such as neck tension, headaches, and stiff back/shoulders, leaving you feeling lighter and more relaxed.

30 Minute Acupressure/Focus ($20-$30 sliding scale)
This massage focuses on either the head/face, hands, or feet, where Jess will use acupressure and reflexology techniques to help melt tension away and stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. You will remain clothed. This work is wonderful for headaches, achy feet/legs, arthritic conditions, carpal tunnel relief, kinked neck, teeth grinding/TMJ, etc.

60 Minute Regenerative Massage ($40-$55 sliding scale)
This massage is a flexible experience catered to easing your discomforts and promoting health. You have the option of remaining clothed, depending on the work being done. The techniques used are influenced by Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, CranioSacral, and more.

You can book with Jess through the QiWorks website. We hope to see you soon!