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Jennifer Agape, LMT

Bodywork With Jennifer Agape

60 minute area specific (not full body) massage ($50-$65 sliding scale)

Area specific, for example: neck pain. Areas worked: Neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, cranial release.

90 minute massage with Jen $75-$100 sliding scale

Full body or area specific. Nurturing deep tissue, cranial, myofascial release.


75 minute energy session: Reiki, Cranial-Sacral ($60-$75 sliding scale)

Usui Reiki (Allison Ottley is my teacher ) I have received 3rd degree attunement. Reiki uses sustained hand positioning on and off the body to help release restrictions and move energy.

Cranial-sacral is gentle work that addresses the cerebrospinal fluid and the cranial and sacral bones, using subtle compression and decompression at each area. Fascial unwinding at joints-directing energy to soften and allow the body to balance itself. A session would incorporate both. Very relaxing, helpful in healing Whole body: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic.

75 minute session includes time for opening + closing dialogue.
Clients remain clothed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

You can book with Jennifer through the QiWorks website. We hope to see you soon!