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Getting Ready for Allergy Season

The first signs of spring are appearing, and so are the first of our patients who are coming in with allergy symptoms. The great news is that acupuncture can make a really big difference in allergy symptoms, sometimes even clearing them entirely. We also have a few herbal formulas that can help with seasonal allergies….

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Herbs for Fall!

It’s back-to-school time, and even though it doesn’t feel like it yet, fall is right around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to let you know that we have a full complement of herbal formulas designed to keep you well throughout the fall and winter along with formulas to get you well if you happen to catch something.  We…

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The Amazing Benefits of Walking for Body and Mind

Looking to increase your energy level? Have less anxiety and fewer symptoms of depression? How about lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol? Try a regular walking regimen. According to this recent NPR article, walking can do all of this and more, including reducing belly fat and improving the metabolism of blood sugar (which can lower…

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Quick Tip for Staying Healthy: Benefits of Napping

We know that kids need naps, and that cats are really good at taking them, but what about adults? Busy, productive adults? Should we also take naps? What are the benefits? And how can we fit them into our day? Current research demonstrates that taking short, “power” naps has many benefits. And because these naps…

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Quick Tip for Staying Healthy: Helpful Ideas for People Who Have to Sit

Many of us know that sitting isn’t great for our health. More studies are coming out all the time with more warnings about sitting too much, even if you exercise every day. But the harder question is what to do about it, especially when your job or other life circumstances involve significant amounts of computer…

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