Asian Bodywork Therapy with Brent Ottley

abtnewsletterMany of you have seen Brent for acupuncture visits at Qiworks for years now, but most don’t know that he is also a Licensed Massage Therapist with roots in Asian bodywork, which he practiced for many years before becoming an acupuncturist. His sessions center on the contemplative aspects of healing and the profound effect that increased awareness can have on the ability to heal from pain and trauma, particularly in chronic, complex conditions. His primary therapeutic techniques focus on Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese form of acupressure, and Shiatsu, but in any given session may also include external qigong, cupping, gua sha, magnets, auricular therapy, plant-based medicines and flower essences, depending on what’s needed. This work is a distinct way of approaching the healing process, and Brent won’t be using needles in these sessions. For acupuncture, he’ll send you into the community room, because as always, we believe that frequent, affordable treatment in a group setting is the way acupuncture works best. Asian bodywork is an excellent companion to acupuncture and will work very well along with your acupuncture program.

Asian bodywork is done through clothing, so there’s no need to remove anything but footwear for a session. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable to allow freedom of movement. Each session is an hour long. For an appointment book online by clicking the BOOK NOW! button, or call the clinic at 801-364-9272.